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To make good decisions for your company, your employees and yourself, you need information. We are very aware of this. Therefore we have compiled this FAQ. If you have any more questions, then please email us at We will continue to update this section down below in an effort to resolve all your queries concerning your participation at BUS2BUS.

Please also visit the Messe Berlin website for further information on this topic.


If we as the organizer cannot hold Bazaar Berlin 2021 for reasons outside our own control, we will not charge our exhibitors for their stand rental. Your stand rental payment would then be returned to you or at your request brought forward to the next edition.

Please refer to our General Terms of Business (PDF, 117.0 kB) for Trade Fairs and Exhibitions organized by Messe Berlin GmbH.

If the cancellation takes place due to official travel restrictions in the country of origin or in Germany and the travel restrictions make the entry impossible or unreasonable for the exhibitor, the exhibitor will not be charged or the stand rental fee will be refunded.

Unacceptability shall be assumed if the return to the country of origin would be impossible or would require a quarantine of more than 7 days after return or if the entry to Germany would require a quarantine of more than 7 days.

Proof of travel restrictions in the country of origin must be provided to Messe Berlin by means of suitable documentation.

For the latest information on travel restrictions, please visit the website of the German Federal Foreign Office.

As in previous years after submitting your stand registration you will still be able to revoke your participation at any moment before agreeing our stand placement proposal which will be send to you in late autumn 2021.

Once you agree your stand placement proposal, our cancellation policy comes into force. From that moment on, if you want to cancel your participation, you must notify us as soon as you make the decision not to attend. This gives us the opportunity to look for another company for your space. If we find another exhibitor for your space, then as organizers we will only charge you 25 percent of the total amount due to compensate us for the additional costs. If we do not find another exhibitor for the space, then you will be liable to pay your rental fees in full amount.

We are confident that Bazaar Berlin 2021 will take place. We are in constant contact with the relevant authorities and pass this information on to our exhibitors and trade visitors in a timely manner. In cooperation with them, we do our very best to assess the situation realistically and, if necessary, communicate the cancellation well in advance so that additional costs can be avoided.

We point out that you, as an exhibiting company, are obliged to inform yourself in advance of participation in the Bazaar Berlin about the currently valid regulations, laws, ordinances and other decrees issued in connection with the containment of SARS-CoV-2 and to comply with them. You are also obliged to observe the hygiene and safety concept issued by Messe Berlin for the Bazaar Berlin which are available for inspection here.

You are responsible for ensuring that third parties commissioned by you are informed of the regulations and measures to be observed and comply with them. You are also responsible for complying with the applicable hygiene and safety regulations at your stand.