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November 07, 2022

A shopping tour of the world – Bazaar Berlin celebrates successful anniversary event

From 2 to 6 November, over 30,000 visitors came to the 60th International Consumer Trade Fair for Design, Handicrafts, Natural Goods and Fair Trade Products. There was keen interest in fashion, jewellery, foods, natural goods and fair trade products from around the world. The next Bazaar Berlin will take place from 8 to 12 November 2023.

From 2 to 6 November 2022 at Bazaar Berlin, more than 320 exhibitors from 55 countries exhibited their products, ranging from African handicrafts from Mali, handmade pullovers from Peruvian alpaca wool, to handwoven silk scarves from India. After five days, the long-standing consumer trade fair for beautiful, handmade articles came to a positive conclusion: over 30,000 visitors from Berlin and Brandenburg attended the sixtieth anniversary event in the display halls on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds and, according to the initial findings of a Messe Berlin survey, were more than satisfied with the show.

Accordingly, over 90 per cent of interviewees were satisfied with their shopping tour at Bazaar Berlin. The same percentage rated the product range as positive. This year, there was especially high demand for fashion, jewellery, foods, natural goods and fair trade products from exhibitors from around the world. In addition to the World Market, visitors were particularly interested in the Art & Style section and Natural Living theme world. Over 90 per cent of respondents said they would visit Bazaar Berlin again and recommend the fair to relatives, friends and acquaintances.

“We are delighted that both long-standing regulars and first-time exhibitors took the journey here upon themselves despite many difficulties such as high travel and procurement costs as well as supply issues, in order to exhibit their outstanding products with their unique backgrounds at this year’s anniversary event. At the same time we are very happy that so many visitors came to find out about and buy quality goods from around the world. Whether young or old, they all went on a discovery tour of the halls. That makes Bazaar Berlin a very special place. It was a successful anniversary edition for us“, said Esther Piehl, the project manager for Bazaar Berlin.

In a snap poll, exhibitors at Bazaar Berlin also expressed their satisfaction:

“We have been coming to Bazaar Berlin for 43 years and as always are very satisfied. This year was a bit quieter, but it was also a very nice and cosy family atmosphere. There are many regular customers expecting us every year at Bazaar Berlin. Our products were very well received, especially as many people do yoga and meditate. We did good business, as usual.“ Amer Lal Shrestha, Superior Art & Handicrafts, Nepal.

“I was surprised my products made such an impact. Initially I was worried I would hardly sell anything, because my silk products might be too expensive for many people. I did excellent business and it was a fantastic experience. I want to establish myself on the German market, so Bazaar Berlin is a good opportunity to find out whether it will be worthwhile for me. An elderly lady bought a product from me and actually came back the next day to buy more. I was very impressed.” Priyanka Kaushik, Noi Mohi, India.

“Business was a bit quieter on the first few days, but on Saturday our expectations were met. We decided to attend Bazaar Berlin on the recommendation of Salzwerk Berlin, a regular exhibitor for many years. We had some good meetings, an excellent time and look forward to being back.“ Max Richter, Pi Tea, Germany.

“We want to establish ourselves on the European market and were looking for suitable trade fairs. In the end we decided on Bazaar Berlin and are very happy we did so. We are particularly pleased with our stand at the Palais. This hall is ideal for us and our products. Business was better on the weekend than on the first two days.“ Malak Morsy, Up-Fuse, Egypt.

"We were delighted the way things went from day one. We had lots of visitors on our stand from the start. Our expectations weren’t so high because we thought people would be saving their money. I was pleasantly surprised they were in a spending mood after all. This year’s big seller was cooking aprons. We sold just about every one. Bazaar Berlin is worth it for us because we can network and meet up again with other exhibitors." Fani Bouzinou, Meeting Bismarck e.V., Ghana.

“I have been coming to Bazaar Berlin for almost 25 years and enjoy it every year. This year too has been very nice, as always. Many exhibitors are back. It’s a bit like being on holiday – the whole world is here in one place.“ Zola Kyesse, Afrokultur Zola-Kyesse e.V., Germany.

The next Bazaar Berlin will take place from 8 to 12 November 2023 on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds.

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From 2 to 6 November 2022, Bazaar Berlin took place for the sixtieth time on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. 230 exhibitors from 35 countries took part in Bazaar Berlin 2021. In 2019, at the five themed sections under the headings World Market, Art & Style, Fair & Social, Natural Living and Winter at Home, around 500 exhibitors from more than 60 countries presented quality handicrafts, typical regional specialities, fashion with a personal touch, jewellery, accessoires, eco-products, fair trade goods, natural goods and many other items.

For Bazaar Berlin, combining good business with social responsibility is an important aspect. Since it was launched in 1962 as ‘Partners for Progress’ in support of development policy aims, it regularly promotes programmes supporting fair trade goods that are produced sustainably and under ethically fair conditions.