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True to the motto "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle," the initiative of the Berlin Senate Environment Department "Re-Use Berlin" promotes awareness of resource-conserving consumption. At the same time, the initiative creates opportunities to hand in and purchase well-preserved used goods - for example, at the Re-Use Superstore at Hermannplatz in Berlin. At this special place, Re-Use actors offer their used or upcycled products: from clothing to furniture and electronics to household utensils. Workshops and lectures on the topic of re-use are also held there on a regular basis.
In the Fair & Social section of the Bazaar Berlin, the Initiative Berlin reports on its previous activities and offers as well as planned actions - for example, on networking with local zero-waste initiatives and the Re-Use Superstore at the International Green Week in January 2023.

Re-Use Berlin c/o UHG

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