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INFINITY STONEPAPER: Reusable writing surfaces made of limestone

They can be used both as an innovative alternative to flipcharts and whiteboards and in smaller versions as notepads in the office, at school or at home - the reusable writing surfaces made of limestone in various sizes from INFINITY STONEPAPER. They are ideal for labelling, painting and playing on - for notes, ideas, lists, sketches or works of art.

"Stone paper is the future. Made from limestone, it is more environmentally friendly than conventional paper. No wood or water is used in the production process. It is not a heavyweight made of stone, but light, flexible and robust," emphasise Denny Ehrlich and Agnes Friedrich from INFINITY STONEPAPER.

Agnes Friedrich and Denny Ehrlich are committed to sustainable innovations and creative processes. Agnes is well-known in the sustainable fashion and textile industry and is committed to new ideas and approaches as an artist, social entrepreneur and permaculture activist.

Denny is a social innovator, political scientist and developer of, a new construction experience for people from different contexts. With the Infinity Stonepaper, they aim to bring environmentally friendly tools into the world that give free rein to ideas and creativity.

The products are also waterproof and can be used again and again - the writing surfaces simply need to be wiped clean.

A pen in front of a white background.


What is stone paper made of?

Stone paper is made from calcium carbonate, which is a waste product of limestone quarrying. This "waste material" is mixed with a small amount of high-density polyethylene to make it flexible and durable.

In contrast to conventional paper, which is made from cellulose and requires an intensive manufacturing process with high water consumption and chemicals, the production of stone paper is much more environmentally friendly.

Stone paper is waterproof, stronger and more durable. It has a smoother surface than conventional paper.

As it repels water, water-based colours can be washed off the stone paper with water.

EHRLICH & FRIEDRICH Infinity Stone Paper
Palais | Stand 123

Further information is available at

The founders of INFINITY STONEPAPER, Denny Ehrlich and Agnes Friedrich


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