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From Kashmir in India to Berlin: Tribal Treasuries presents fine cashmere goods

Cuddly, handmade blankets, scarves and gowns make the cold season much more bearable: at Tribal Treasuries, visitors to Bazaar Berlin from 8 to 12 November 2023 will find 100% hand-woven blankets, pashmina scarves and dresses made of precious cashmere. At their stand, interested visitors can also learn more about the production process and handicrafts. For a cosy home, Tribal Treasuries will also offer hand-knotted carpets in November.

A man at a loom making fabric.

The textiles are carefully handcrafted on a loom. ©Tribal Treasuries

The exhibitor is travelling more than 6,000 kilometres to present its fine goods in Berlin and tell the story behind them: Tribal Treasuries is based in Srinagar, the summer capital of Kashmir in the north-western part of India. Over the decades, the region has developed into an important transport hub for the major caravan routes and forms a significant link between the Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia. The Tribal Treasuries team consists of a total of six women and five men who painstakingly handcraft high-quality goods from Kashmir.

Threads that are woven on the loom to form a textile piece.

The cashmere yarn is used, among other things, to make these colorful textiles. ©Tribal Treasuries

Shahnawaz Rafiq is the owner of Tribal Treasuries. In his family, the craft of weaving was practised for decades: For several generations, they made textile surfaces from cashmere yarn to earn a living. As the only artist in his family, Rafiq decided to continue the craft. He has been weaving fine scarves, blankets, gowns and carpets for 20 years now. In order to pass on the tradition and knowledge of the art of weaving to the younger generations, Rafiq opened a weaving school a few years ago. There, younger people are to learn the art of weaving and preserve the traditional craft.

Rolled up threads lying in a row next to each other, a printout of the colors and a notepad.

An excerpt of the planning process at Tribal Treasuries. ©Tribal Treasuries

The precious wool of the cashmere goats

The extraction of cashmere has a long tradition in India: the high-quality cashmere wool is obtained from the cashmere goats, which are kept at altitudes of about 4,000 metres - this ensures the high quality of the cashmere fibre. The colder the winter, the better and larger the yield of fine wool. For the production of cashmere goods, the undercoat of the cashmere goats is carefully combed out by hand. On average, a cashmere goat produces only about 150 to 200 grams of hair per year.

Tribal Treasuries
Hall 18 | Stand 327

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