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Chapati Design: Colourful fashion with a history of diversity and commitment

The bustling streets of Berlin are filled with stories of courage, determination and cultural exchange. One of these stories is that of Hamid Mohammadi, who founded Chapati Design in 1997.

Chapati Design is a fashion brand that stands out from the mainstream with its fresh, eye-catching and comfortable clothing. The assortment ranges from clothes to accessories that are not only unique but also sustainable: Their products are made from eco-friendly materials such as mulesing-free merino wool, eco-viscose and organic cotton.

a woman in a blue jacket with hood standing in front of a colourful background.

Exceptional fashion, striking colours and high-quality fabrics by Chapati Design. © Chapati Design / Philipp Gaiko

The company attaches great importance to fair conditions in production and is strongly committed to social justice. Chapati Design is holistically GOTS certified. Company founder Hamid Mohammadi emphasises: "Fair working conditions at the standard of the European Union are a priority for us. Together with Saran Exports, a unit of Chapati Design Berlin, a new production facility was created to produce transparently." Saran Exports was specifically certified by SEDEX for the social acceptability of its production. The audit was conducted by DQS CFS Germany at the end of 2018. The Social Compliance Certificate certifies Chapati Design's compliance with all guidelines and social standards.

Fashion that not only looks good, but also does good

With its commitment to environmental sustainability and social justice, Chapati Design sets an inspiring example in the fashion world. In their shops in Berlin and at their stand at Bazaar Berlin, visitors not only find trendy and comfortable clothes, but also an awareness of fair production and environmental protection.

A handloom made of wood at which a man is processing yarn.

A traditional handloom at WAWAMAKI. © WAWAMAKI

Hamid's journey began many years ago when he had to leave his home country of Iran at the age of 19. After numerous detours, fate finally led him to Germany. He spent his first two years in Germany as a political asylum seeker in a home in Augsburg, a time full of challenges and unanswered questions.

With an open heart and an open mind, he observed the social dynamics in his new home. Why the supposed social distance? Why the serious look on the streets and in the subways? All these questions drove him to understand the diversity and peculiarities of this culture.

Hamid did not let these experiences discourage him. He studied in Darmstadt and eventually moved to Berlin, hoping to meet more cosmopolitan people here and realise his dream of independence. Inspired by his grandparents' stories about the Silk Road, he founded Chapati Design. Here in Berlin, in the stores of Chapati Design, customers find the spirit of the caravan again: here, everyone is served Persian tea from the samovar, and the sound of the caravan resounds in the little bell on the hood.

Today, Hamid is rooted in Berlin not only in business but also in his private life. His story is a reminder that Germany, like any other country, is made up of a multitude of people and cultures just waiting to be discovered.

Chapati Design is a reflection of this diversity and a place where cultures blend together in a wonderful way. Here, visitors will not only find unique products, but also a welcoming atmosphere that reflects Hamid's journey and love of diversity.

Chapati Design about the manufacturing process of their products:

More information on Chapati Design's 25th anniversary can be found here: Chapati Blog

Visitors can be enchanted by this inspiring story and the beautiful products at Bazaar Berlin:

Chapati Design
Hall 20 | Stand 321
Palais | Stand 202

For more information about Chapati Design, visit their website:

Social Media:
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a woman in a red jacket jumps down from a stone and looks into the camera.

© Chapati Design / Philipp Gaiko

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