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Cosmetics, spa and care products from the Arabian Nights - that's what you find at Ottoman

Each Ottoman product awakens sensuality with curiosity about long-forgotten eras and passions. At Bazaar Berlin, visitors can discover high-quality gifts from 1001 Nights, including body care products, hand-painted ceramics and silk bowls for the next sauna session. They have been carefully handcrafting their products for 12 generations now.

Soaps, two towels and silverware against a brown background.

© Ottoman

A journey through time: the tradition of bathing and hamam culture

The rich tradition of bathing and hamam culture, which developed over thousands of years in the Ottoman Empire, is the origin of Ottoman's exquisite products. This culture was adopted by the Romans and Persians and spread throughout the Mediterranean. In those times, handmade soaps, sumptuous bath towels and other accessories were a privilege of the upper class and coveted gifts for distinguished guests.

The history of the Ileri family of soapmakers goes back a long way: in 1881, they began selling their own handmade soaps and accessories from the hammam in the historic city of Istanbul. Their goal was to present the bathing culture with all its traditions in an appealing way.

Today, the Ileri family proudly carries on the tradition of their ancestors and has successfully established the Ottoman brand on the European market. Their vision of combining traditional rituals with 21st century products is a testament to their commitment to quality, uniqueness and culture.

A look into the treasure trove of the Orient: the product range

Ottoman offers a rich selection of exquisite products. The Argan Spa range promises radiant shine through nutrient-rich argan oil. The Sahara Musk line seduces with Egyptian musk fragrance, while Damask Rose gives the products their unique scent. Amber and the precious Oud essence provide warm, oriental notes. The hand cream set with argan oil protects sensitive skin from the cold and is an ideal gift, especially at Christmas time.

Four products, including a soap and an exfoliating glove, in a wooden box, with a striped cloth underneath.

© Ottoman

A large selection: Traditional handmade soaps without packaging, hair soaps, hand-painted ceramics and oriental textiles.

An impressive selection awaits visitors: traditional handmade soaps without packaging, hair soaps, special hand-painted ceramics and authentic oriental textiles. The pure olive oil soaps are made from natural ingredients and provide the skin with natural minerals and vitamin E.

Ottoman's traditional soaps combine millennia-old oriental craftsmanship with modern standards. Carefully cut by hand in small manufactories and dried for weeks, they find their way into the small boxes to finally be available at Bazaar Berlin.

The ceramics, famous for their production in the 15th and 17th centuries, are handmade in Göreme according to ancient tradition. These artistic pieces, like the soap dishes, are hand-painted.

In addition, visitors can purchase hand-woven pestemal cloths. Made of 100% cotton, they stand out with their traditional diamond pattern in radiant colours. The Bordeaux colour design gives this oriental textile a special touch.

: a candle in a ceramic jar, a soap in a bowl and a ceramic mug in front of a flowerpot. Next to it lies a rolled-up towel.

© Ottoman


Hall 11.1 | Stand 207

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