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CRUSH LEATHER GOODS: Conscious Craftsmanship from Spain

CRUSH is the name of the Spanish brand that produces products made from the finest local materials, with high quality craftsmanship and at an affordable price. But "CRUSH" isn't just a name – it “holds symbolic significance, drawing parallels to a profound infatuation or a ground-breaking romantic inclination, echoing the brand's ambition to evoke a sense of uniqueness and captivation upon first encounter,” emphasizes Pepe Montiel, Sales Manager at CRUSH Leather Goods.

As well as creating its own unique designs, CRUSH produces leather accessories for some of the world's top fashion brands. Their designs are deliberately distinctive, respecting intellectual property while showcasing the craftsmanship of their skilled artisans: "The products are made with attention to detail, cutting, sewing and assembly skills," stresses Montiel. And they are 100% European and Spanish tanned. Cutting is done by hand on cardboard moulds, discarding imperfections in the leather and removing the parts of the hide that best suit the final product.

: A beige leather bag on a wooden cabinet, next to it are three books.

© CRUSH Leather Goods

The motivation behind CRUSH's foray into bag design stems from a desire to empathise with modern women. They seek to create uncomplicated and pragmatic designs that are tailored to the modern woman, taking into account her authentic needs and contemporary values, and offering products that seamlessly complement her everyday life.

A beige leather bag on a metal table, next to it a plant in a vase.

© CRUSH Leather Goods

Sustainability as a Guiding Light

At the heart of the company is an unwavering commitment to sustainability. They are passionate about protecting the environment and source Leather Working Group certified leather as a testament to responsible sourcing and sustainability. A solar photovoltaic system on the roof of the workshop harnesses clean energy, in keeping with their conscientious approach to environmental stewardship.

CRUSH pays homage to the rich heritage of artisanal techniques passed down through generations in Ubrique, a Spanish town world-renowned for its leather goods. Each bag undergoes an intricate and painstaking handcrafted process, elevating it to the status of a miniature masterpiece. In a world inundated with fast fashion, CRUSH champions the true luxury found in the artistry of craftsmanship.

: A woman looking into the camera. In her right hand she holds a wooden tool.

© CRUSH Leather Goods

Palais | Stand 117

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