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Eliza Piazzese: Manufacture and studio for design and art

Eliza Piazzese presents individual fashion with family tradition, lovingly handcrafted in Berlin-Spandau. "Our declared goal is to produce valuable garments," says owner Eliza Piazzese. Anyone who appreciates craftsmanship and is looking for very special collector's items will find what they are looking for at the stand of the family business.

The garments and accessories are always produced in small, limited series and exclusively in their workshop in Berlin. All the fabric scraps that are left over from the production of the jackets are further processed into different accessories, for example headwear. In this way, they not only avoid a high volume of waste, but also always ensure new "unique", changing pieces that round off their collection and make it special.

Eliza Piazzese with a blue coat and a blue hat.

© Eliza Piazzese

In their cooperation, they also rely on local suppliers: "We also work closely with a Berlin fabric manufacturer who supplies us exclusively with certified organic fabrics," Piazzese emphasises. High-quality knitted fabrics come from Italy, which are specially made for them in an in-house production.

Visitors can stock up from head to toe here - at her stand they will find an all-round perfect outfit, starting with a jacket and matching scarf and ending with a hat.

Eliza Piazzese

Halle 20 | Stand 405

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