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Exhibition "Fabric Stories - About Globally Moving Materials"

Global textile production is an example of how our economic practices damage the environment, increase social inequalities and negatively affect economic development in countries of the Global South. At the same time, many countries are dependent on the extraction of raw materials, their further processing and the associated jobs.
The exhibition "Fabric Stories - about globally moving materials" takes up the problematic sides using the example of the textile industry and asks uncomfortable questions. But it also shows: there are sustainable, creative and courageous innovations that can contribute to a fairer and ecologically less harmful practice.

Large photo walls with an image of a woman surrounded by cotton, pieces of clothing hang in front of the walls.

The exhibition was created as part of the Development Education in Germany (EBD) programme by Engagement Global (Stand 215) in cooperation with the Academy of Fashion and Design (AMD) Munich. Students and teachers at the AMD Munich have intensively studied eight types of textiles and harmonised social aspects, the history of fabrics and material science in the exhibition concept.
On request, Engagement Global offers guided tours to upper secondary schools and specialist audiences.


Exhibition "Fabric Stories - about globally moving materials". Zackenbar

East gallery at the Palais am Funkturm
Engagement Global
Palais am Funkturm
Booth 215

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