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Fatuma Weavers: Handicrafts from the Nubian, Turkana, Swahili and Masai Communities

Talented women working together to create unique handicrafts from the Nubian, Turkana, Swahili, Masai African communities: That is Fatuma Weavers from Kenya. At the Bazaar Berlin, the exhibitor presents, for example, fruit bowls, laundry baskets, shopping bags, jewellery cases and trays. What these products have in common: They are all part of a rich unique culture, are painstakingly handmade and consist exclusively of biodegradable materials.

Baskets with lids standing on green bottom

and-woven baskets by Fatuma Weavers. © Sumaya Noor

Unique handicrafts by women in Kenya

Fatuma Noor is the founder of Fatuma Weavers. She was inspired by her mother Nussra Seby Fodumula - as Fatuma accompanied her to markets to sell her Nubian woven baskets. At that time, the Nubian community was known for selling their unique artefacts to each other in Kenya and Uganda, and later to other communities at various markets.

It was important to Fatuma to continue this rich and unique cultural heritage and to share it with others at markets. The women who mastered and offered the handicrafts could not meet the demand at the market. Fatuma therefore decided to approach women from other communities and establish Fatuma Weavers so that together they could make more handicrafts from their culture.

Woman showing bowls with colorful patterns, next to her are baskets.

Fatuma Noor, the founder of Fatuma Weavers. © Sumaya Noor

Better social and economic conditions thanks to Fatuma Weavers

With the help of Fatuma Weavers, women are able to provide for their families and education for their children: As a woman and mother of five, Fatuma knows the importance of the role women have in their families and in the community. She is glad that she can bring many women together and give them the opportunity to earn a decent living.

Fatuma Weavers also helps to further improve the social and economic status of women in their communities. Today's women entrepreneurs start their businesses out of a desire and determination. combining modernity with respect for tradition.

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Fatuma Weavers

Hall 11.2 | Stand 320

Article by Bauwa Alambo

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