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Velvet pictures to color by Colorvelvet from Italy

Visitors of the Bazaar Berlin can choose from over 150 motifs to color and design at the Colorvelvet stand. In addition to the classic cardboard paintings, boxes and folders, the Italian company will also present its latest product: Soft plastic-based velvet pictures made entirely from recycled plastic collected from seas. By using this material, Colorvelvet also contributes to cleaning up the oceans. The exhibitor also donates part of the proceeds to foundations that work to protect the oceans.

A colouring picture with a chameleon motif surrounded by brushes and colours.

The pictures by Colorvelvet can be colourfully coloured. © Colorvelvet

Coloring pictures for the whole family

In 1994, Franco Lamperti founded Colorvelvet in Arenzano, Italy. When his then three-year-old son had difficulty coloring within the lines, he came up with the idea for the product. To help children improve their coloring skills, Lamperti then developed coloring pictures. Meanwhile, the velvet relief pictures are no longer just for children, but for all ages and genders.

Colorvelvet's products are made with the help of the screen printing process. Handicraft is particularly close to the exhibitor's heart: "Handicraft connects us with our past and reminds us of our roots, it allows us to express our creativity and create unique and individual objects," emphasizes Tea Galvan of Colorvelvet.

Colorvelvet uses only certified materials and works with sustainable production methods, so that a high-quality and environmentally friendly product can always be guaranteed. The company is also FSC certified. This process involved a few hurdles: “There has been many challenges during the creation of our product, one of them was meeting our needs to find the right materials, which had to be safe and durable, and the right suppliers. Then we had to find the right quality of colors to combine with the product and lastly the right graphics, which are in continuous evolution with more than 150 subjects reached today”, says Tea Galvan. In the meantime, the company has overcome the challenges and found the best materials to create an environmentally friendly, biodegradable and product that promotes creativity and self-esteem - and above all, fun!

Painting Velvet di Lamperti Franco
Hall 11.1 | Stand 225

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A colorful bid in the background, pens in the foreground.

© Colorvelvet

Coloring picture in the motif of a wolf.

© Colorvelvet

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