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Women's Sculptures from Burkina Faso: Bronze Art with the Highest Expressiveness

The craft of bronze casting, a virtuoso combination of the soft and malleable properties of wax with the hardness and simplicity of bronze, has a long tradition in Burkina Faso and is constantly being perfected by ADAMA and ZACHARIA through refinement and concentration on the element of movement. The artworks are classic and contemporary at the same time.

The term bronze refers to various alloys based on copper, zinc, lead and tin, the proportions of which vary. The metal comes from the recycling of old fittings, such as taps or parts from air conditioning systems.

Four seated bronze figures, each holding a book.

© Weltladen A Janela Link

The sculptures are made using the technique of "lost casting". The artist first creates a wax sculpture that is covered with a sand mixture of clay and manure and dried. The mould is then heated, the wax melts and escapes through holes. The melted alloy is poured into the mould and takes the place of the wax. After cooling, the mould is broken to remove the sculpture and make the final finishing touches. Each piece is therefore unique.

Four bronze figures in different coloured robes.

© Weltladen A Janela

A bronze figure in a blue dress and blue headdress, seated.

© Weltladen A Janela

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