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Brazilian jewellery made of grass by Weltladen A Janela

The Xerente indigenous people have lived in this region for centuries. The artisans pass on the traditional manufacturing techniques and patterns for jewellery and utensils in their families - of course, young designers from the region also have new ideas for jewellery made of grass.

Gold jewellery on display in various forms.

© Weltladen A Janela Link

The golden grass, Brazilian "Capim Dourado" (botanically Syngonanthus nitens) is an endemic plant that only grows in the steppe region of central Brazil. The grass stalks are dried by the warmth of the sun and thus acquire their natural golden sheen, which they retain from then on (colourfast/waterproof).

The artisans harvest the grass themselves by hand and need up to five hours to harvest a kilo of grass!

A law regulates the sustainable harvest from September to January, strictly supervised by the regional forestry authority. This prevents this special plant from being damaged. In addition, only artists with special permission are allowed to harvest the grass. Because it is very important to control who harvests, where and how. The law also prohibits the sale of the raw material Capim Dourado. The grass is only allowed to leave the region after it has been processed and turned into a work of art. In this way, the source of income for this craft remains protected - namely for the regional artists and their families.

A woman tying blades of grass.

© Weltladen A Janela

The production of grass jewellery is an important employment opportunity in the structurally weak region - the families use it to finance their livelihoods, their children's schooling and also their houses and properties.

The small fair trade import organisation Baghi works directly with the artisans - jewellery cannot be more sustainable.

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